My Story

My Farm Story

Sourcing your food locally from a farm that prioritizes natural farming systems, does make an impact!  It effects our landscape, soil health, local pollinator populations, soil erosion and water holding capacity.  All of these things and many more are directly impacted by the choices we make everyday with our food.

Growing grass and saving soil is my way.


I was raised on a production Agriculture farm in northern Il. I was always an agriculture advocate.  I loved being raised on a farm, and had great pride in my agriculture roots. My degree is in soil science, and while my background is in production/ conventional farming, my vision has always been regenerative agriculture.

Growing grass and saving soil is my way.

Anything worth time and space in your kitchen and on your table does not come fast and easy.

Slow Food

My summers, growing up on a farm and rural community, were spent taking cooking lessons in the basement of my church, learning from the 4-h cooking leaders (moms). They would go through a kitchen technique or recipe with us and send us home with homework to report on the next week. These were my first real memories of actual hands on cooking.

This time of cooking and spending Wednesday mornings in the summer with neighbors and friends planted in me an appreciation for real food and the time it takes to make something nourishing and beautiful.

no one farms alone.

Farm Family

As with any farm, no one person can do it themselves.  I rely a lot on my family to help me raise and offer quality grassfed beef.  Here is the farm family.

Chris - grassfed hay manager, and manager of the larger family farm.

Cori - social media and photography assistant.

Andy - daily chore help and cattle mover.

Brick - bird hunter and squirrel population control.