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Hi. I'm Becky.

Grassfed beef raised on pasture is my priority. I feed my family the grass-fed beef I raise. Regenerative, healthy, local, 100% grass-fed are my promises to you.

My Story

Pride and patience

The driftless area of Wisconsin holds opportunity for small farmers like myself who believe in conserving our most important natural resource, our soils, through animal management.

dry aged 21 days!

The dry aging process is a thing of the past. Unless....

1. You buy your beef from a small producer who cares about quality.

2. They have a butcher who will do it.

You came to the right place!

100% Grassfed

My beef is 100% grassfed, never given grain, no hormones, no antibiotics, raised on pasture as long as the season allows, 24 hr pasture rotation grazing plan, naturally raised, and we grow all of our own hay. Start to finish on our farm.

Regenerative Beef

I choose to raise a regenerative beef product for people who choose to make environment and quality a priority.

You are my people!

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