Farm Club Is Closed!

Farm club will officially open again in April 2024.

Here at Grazin' Beef, I am committed to raising animals humanely on pastures where plant and soil health is a top priority.  Subscription boxes help me plan and manage inventory and keeps grassfed beef on your table where your family can appreciate and enjoy it.

There is no obligation, although as a courtesy I ask that you commit to receiving at least 2 boxes.  You can log into your account and cancel at anytime although, once you see how easy and convenient a subscription beef box is, you will not want to cancel. 
As a Grassroots Club member, you will not only receive your box on the schedule you choose, but you also get first chance at restocked cuts. 

3 Easy Steps!

Choose your Box

I have 3 boxes to choose from. Find the one that best suits you and your families needs!

Choose your timeline

You get to choose when you receive your box of grassfed beef. Every month? Every other Month?

1. You will be charged when you subscribe. You will receive your first box the following Tuesday (shipping day).

2. The next first day of the month your shipment and billing cylce will be skipped.

3. After that you will be billed the first day of the month and receive your box the first Tuesday of the month.

Let me know what you want

You can choose your cuts (within reason). I can't give you an entire box of fillets, but I can go heavier on filets (if you choose the premium box) and you let me know in checkout notes.