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I raise grassfed beef in Wisconsin.  My sister and brother process fish in Seward Alaska.   

Seward Ak is a beautiful place and if I wasn't a farmer, I would be in AK all summer wearing rubber boots and filleting fish on the docks in Seward. Well, drinking coffee on the docks in Seward and then filleting fish - wearing rubber boots of course.

Seward is very much your quintessential Alaskan town.  Cori and I got up most mornings and walked along the harbor with our coffees.  We, like most tourists I'm sure, just couldn't get enough of the harbor, the mountains, and glaciers.  

I even saw the northern lights!  It was a beautiful display, mostly green lights that just sort of moved across the sky.  It was perfect because Andy and I talked about seeing the northern lights but didn't really think that we would. Then wouldn't you know it, me and Andy were the only ones awake to see them that night. The experience is definitely one of my most memorable moments and I am so glad Andy and I were together to see it.


 So why am I telling you all about Seward AK in December?  Well, this holiday season I am offering surf and turf boxes.  These boxes include Dungeness crab and grassfed steaks!

This Crab comes straight from Captain Jacks in Seward Ak.  Kristen and Allen (my siblings) have owned Captain Jacks going on 4 years now.  They mostly process (fillet and pack) salmon, but they have all sorts of fish and seafood available.  

I am "northern lights" excited to offer crab in my surf and turf boxes this holiday season!   Please head on over to the holiday boxes page and check out the surf and turf box.  Have the crabs for lunch or apps on Christmas day and have the Steaks for dinner Christmas evening!
Merry Christmas from my family in Alaska and Wisconsin!

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