A Story - The Tumor

Posted by Becky Atten on

Things have gone badly for us in the last few months, and by badly, I mean I've  thrown up while doing my chores, I've begged God to reconsider this path,  and just having days of dark and no hope, kind of bad.

Chris has brain cancer.  He was diagnosed in September.  Before his diagnosis, there were very obvious signs that things were off.  In late September his symptoms turned physical and after falling twice in one morning during and after chores, once not being able to get up right away, he finally told me that he hasn't been feeling well and all the symptoms he has been experiencing for a few months now.

By the time we went to the emergency room, he had a baseball sized tumor in the right hemisphere, front lobe of his brain.  Right hemisphere is responsible for the lack of strength on the left side of his body.  His hand, arm, leg and foot were all having problems.  The frontal lobe is concerned with personality, decision making, self control, empathy, these were the other symptoms we were seeing and the personality symptoms presented before the physical symptoms. 

After the tumor was removed, the pathology report told us that it is cancer and he will have to start treatment.  We will be driving to Madison everyday for treatment toward the end of the month and going through the holidays.  We need prayers for him.  The prognosis is not great, but we trust that, he will stay strong and healthy for as long as he possibly can, God will give us the timeline we need, and statistics are beat all the time.

Along with western medicine, I have farmer friends from all over, I can count on for the highest quality and most nutrient dense ingredients out there.  Chris is in good hands, and will stay working and farming for the foreseeable future.  

We have had wonderful neighbors and family stand with us and help us by showing up and doing the hard jobs that farms require.  Animals still need to be managed, corn needs to be picked.  Farms don't stop when farmers are sick.  So many have asked us what we need and if they can help.  We need prayers right now for peace and hope and of course health. 

Thank You!

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  • So sorry to hear this news. God bless you both. I know you’ll both be strong during this struggle knowing family, friends and God are with you, even though at times it will feel the opposite. Love to you all.

    Steve Burd on
  • Sending all the prayers 🙏 to God for you and your family. As many say it takes a village to run some times. I can’t run equipment very well, but I can work cattle. Let me know if you ever need help.

    Tanya on
  • I applaud you for sharing this painful journey with us. The prayers will continue for you and Chris.

    Gail Richardson on
  • I’ll be praying for Chris and for all of you. Praying for peace through treatments & trust in his doctors but most of all praying for healing.

    Barb Cullen on
  • So sorry to hear your news. Peace, prayers, strength,wisdom for Dr.

    Mary Carey on
  • Becky, Chris, and your sweet family. We will be uplifting you all in prayer , In Jesus Name.

    Keith & Lynette Clayton on
  • Prayers to your family

    Gin on
  • I’m so sorry. Big prayers going up for all of you!

    Kacie on

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