A Story: Pasture Raised Chicken

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A few years ago, I tossed around the idea of raising pastured chickens myself.  Now, I feel like I have my hands full just raising grassfed beef. Also beef and poultry eat, act, and rotate in very different ways! For the time being, I will not be venturing into raising poultry.

Luckily, a few days ago, my Amish neighbor knocked on my door with a recent local newspaper article in his hand about my grassfed beef farm.  When I opened the door, he asked "is this you?"  I confirmed the article was about my farm, and he proceeded to introduce himself.

He told me about his new small scale pastured poultry farm that he and his family started and asked if I would like to partner with them in selling their chicken.  I wanted to see their farm of course to see how they are rotating and managing their birds, because I am very interested in how animals are raised and so are my customers.

A week later I went to their farm and was impressed with their management.  They had small numbers of birds in each hutch.  The hutches were clean and the birds looked very healthy and happy in their spaces.  I could tell that they were moved everyday to fresh pasture.  The space they were in was clean and the space they left behind was not over manipulated by the birds. Just some manure and fewer bugs left in their wake. 


The birds are taken to a USDA inspected facility for processing and are shrink wrapped.  For the time being, I am offering whole birds on my website and in an affordable Beef and Chicken box.  

I am so excited to offer pasture raised chicken!  I have tried some myself, they are great and come in very manageable sizes (4-6lbs).  

Here is the link to the Chicken and Beef Box!

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