A Story: Rotational Grazing

Posted by Becky Atten on

Everyday this time of year, I go out to move my cattle.  We have a pasture rotation schedule that we keep through the summer and into fall.


Most days they are happy to see me.  They usually start to line up when they hear the Gator coming.  Cattle enjoy routine and of course, fresh grass. 

We move all of the time because it's good for them, and It's good for my farm.  Cattle are notoriously naughty when left to their own devices.  They are followers and are extremely habit oriented.  They do the same thing time after time after time.  If left alone they will start to make trails, they will only eat their favorite things, and they will go to their favorite locations to sleep and rest.  

If you make them move, they have to change their routines.  It also allows for other animals, pollinators, insects and birds to come into the pasture and enjoy the habitat that a healthy pasture offers. 

It's important cattle don't overstay their welcome in any one area.  I have 32 acres of pasture that I manage. That essentially gives us 32 days of moving before we start again.  32 days is a good amount of rest for any given paddock and is a good practice for all involved.


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