3 organic garden tips from a farmer.

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It is just about go time in the garden beds.  Our last frost free date in Southern Wisconsin is May 15.  Some say Mothers Day, but that has not been foolproof the last few years.   Starting in May, I start check my weather app and when we get a 10 day stretch with no nights even close to 30 we are pretty safe. Even low 40s can be a problem.

Have you ever wanted to make a commitment to garden organically?  It really is not very hard to have a home organic garden.  It does take time, planning, and patience, but so does growing anything.

3 tips for growing an organic garden.


  1. It's best to have a soil mulch or blocker.  Something on top of your soil that allows very little to no sunlight to get to the top of the soil.  I use straw mulch or plastic tarp.  Then cut holes where you want your plants.
  2. Move your plantings around from year to year.  Your tomatoes can't grow in the same spot every year. Everything needs to make a rotation.
  3. Leave your soil alone! Don't till, cover with mulch or plastic and leave it be.  Soil tillage not only disrupts your subsoil structure, but it also exposes weed seeds that have been buried for many years.  Sometimes, if you have a really bad weed issue you might have to spray or till.  In those cases, I will till and then cover with plastic. Some die hard no-till enthusiasts will spray before till.  I get it.  I prefer to till as long as it's only in extreme cases.


Good luck with your home garden this year.  Growing your own food even if it just a little, helps us all remember how difficult food is to grow and helps us to think about and respect the food we eat. 👩‍🌾

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