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Welcome to my new online store!

I decided that I needed to switch my store platform last year sometime.  I was getting a lot of questions and confusion about my online store so I finally made the decision that I needed to make the switch to an easier online shopping process.

So let me give you a quick introduction/ tour and then I will also let you know what you can expect from the farm in the coming months.  


If you are brand new to the farm, make sure you sign up to my email list so you can get all announcements first.  Also if you are fairly new around here, go to the My Story page to learn my story and why I farm.  If you have questions about how shipping works and shipping schedules, go the the Shipping and Farm Pickup page.  If you are ready to shop go ahead and find the grassfed beef box that suits you and your family.

There is one set back to my new shopping experience and that is, if you are a previous customer, you will have to make a new account/ profile.  Sorry about that!

The benefit to my new website is that it is a much easier shopping experience.  You will be able to get in, get your beef, and check out very quickly and with fewer glitches.  I really hope that you enjoy your local grassfed beef shopping experience and as always, let me know if you have any problems and I will definitely help you out.


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